Race Entries
Then You Can Choose Extras
$500 2 No extras included
$1,000 5 No extras included
$2,500 10 Pick one extra
$5,000 20 Pick two extras
$10,000 40 Pick three extras
$15,000 80 Pick four extras
$20,000 100 Presenting Sponsorhip**

Check off your sponsorship level and choose your extra options, if applicable, and mail with your check made payable to Credit Union Miracle Day to 8975 Guilford Road, Suite 190, Columbia, MD 21046 or email to and we will send an invoice.

Single Extras:
Chose your extra(s) —
Mix and Match!
Double Extras:
Or, combine your extra choices and
choose one of these that are worth two extras
**Presenting sponsorships at $20,000
(one available each)
20 additional guaranteed race entries at the prevailing rates
Water stop with 25,000 customized cups with your logo in black and white (five available) Kids Fun Run on
April 6
Mile or directional marker on the course (23 available)
Runner corral with 15 volunteers and name on runner bibs and signs for a corral (five available) Health and Fitness Expo with 15,000 visitors on April 5 and 6 (includes booth)
Advertisement in Virtual Goodie Bag (limited availability)
    Runner Medals
(your credit union logo on the back of 16,000 medals)
Sponsor main stage music (one available)        
Sponsor the bag check tent on race day (one available)        
Your logo on the race packet pickup bag (one available)        
Sponsor music on Hains Point (three available)        
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